Aura Glow Oil Lotion

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Aura GlowAura Glow Oil is great for maintaining beautiful skin or for healing damaged, dry skin. This product by Heritage is a formula based on the teachings of Edgar Cayce who is famous for his medical prognostications, given while in a trance-like state. One time, Cayce not only recommended a product for a client but also, when the drugstore said they didn’t have it, told the client what shelf it was on. There it was, shoved behind other bottles. Aura Glow is a peanut oil based massage oil and the healing properties of peanut oil were proven long ago by the great plant scientist George Washington Carver who regularly used a peanut oil massage to treat polio patients. I’ve used this product and my skin loves it. You think of oil as leaving a sticky residue, but my skin sucks it up–no residue. Regular use keeps the skin exfoliated (even brown spots will disappear). Many of our customers with arthritis in their knees say peanut oil massaged on the knees keeps their aching joints flexible.

Heritage Aura Glow Almond, 8 oz
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Price: $9.59
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