Sweet Potato

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sweet potatoSweet potatoes are high in vitamins A, B5, B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, and, due to their orange color, are high in carotenoids. Plus, they’re fat-free, low in sodium and have fewer calories than white potatoes.   They are sweet enough to make a decent pie instead of pumpkin pie and you use less sugar.  The greens are also edible cooked like turnip greens or any other green.  You can start your own plants yourself.  Find a decent sweet potato at the grocery store, put 4 toothpicks in it around the middle and put it in a glass of water.  The end in water will send out roots and the eyes on top will grow shoots.  When the shoot is 12″ long, pull it off and put it in water.  This will develop roots.  When the ground is thoroughly warm, plant your shoots.  The roots of a growing sweet potato enlarge every now and then and that is a future potato. A regular sweet potato will grow long stems with lush leaves and thoroughly cover the ground. A short variety is seen in your garden center, usually in hanging baskets, with very pretty colored foliage.

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