Grapeseed Extract

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grapeGrapeseed Extract is a powerful antioxidant working to clean and clear oxidation from your body. Oxidation (you’re not getting rusty on the inside) is a natural process of living cells as they do their work. Basically, the natural fats in our bodies turns rancid. It’s our job to cleanse this from our body and this product will do it. Grapeseed extract is particularly effective at strengthening capillaries (the tiniest of your blood vessels) and preventing their breakdown which in turn protects collagen and other “cushions” under the skin. Freezing, cooking and canning grapeseeds inactivates their properties. Eat your seeded grapes fresh and if you like raisins, get sultanas raisins made with seeded grapes. A similar antioxidant is pycnogenol, a pine bark extract.

Nature's Way Grape Seed, 60 Vcaps
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