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grapes2Grapes are among the oldest cultivated foods by man. Grape seeds have been found in Egyptian tombs. Grapes have been used as cleansers long before people knew of their high antioxidant value. It was common to eat nothing but grapes for several days when grape season arrived as a cleanse for the body. Grapes are easily preserved–as raisins and as wine. Turning your water into wine was a good idea for another reason. Many water sources were barely potable and the grapes not only gave the water a better flavor but also purified the water. There are several grape products available today, among them resveratrol and grapeseed extract.

There are four basic kinds of grapes (and hundreds of cultivars): Table grapes for eating fresh and these include the fairly recent cultivars Thompson seedless and Flame. Wine grapes, raisin grapes which are mostly seedless except Sultanas (with seeds) and juice grapes round out the list. Almost everyone knows the juice grape as Concord is the most famous for juice (and jelly).

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