Kola Nut

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kola nutKolanutThe kola nut contains caffeine and is used as a stimulant in cases of flagging energy such as an arduous journey. The nuts are chewed to release the caffeine. The smell of the nut is pleasant, the taste, at first bitter, gives way to a sweeter taste. Carrying your nuts with you on a long journey was a handy way to have your stimulant. All this occurred in tropical Africa. We know kola nut as one of the flavorings in various colas–soft drinks. Nowadays, the kola nut has been replaced with synthetic flavoring in most cases. You can make your own cola at home. Make a strong tea of chopped kola nut and a few other herbs such as lemon balm and a pinch of mint and a sweetener add club soda (for the fizz).

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