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Watercress, with its peppery flavor, is good for breaking up congestion. It is a blood purifier and very high in nutrients making it especially good for the liver. It is thought that a bacteria in watercress can even kill tuberculosis bacteria. Watercress sandwiches were a favorite at tea–back when ladies used to gather for tea (and probably gossip). Cream cheese combined with chopped watercress and spread on crust less bread cut into small triangles. This still tastes good today and just leave the crusts on.

Watercress grows in water or very moist soil and is perennial where the water doesn’t freeze. You can grow this in a pot in your house. Use a sandy soil with plenty of lime, partial shade, and immerse the pot in water so the soil stays damp. Also mist the plants a couple time a week to produce humidity. There are other types cress, garden cress, that don’t require the moist conditions, but watercress is best. The flavor is very similar to nasturtium–a close relative.

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