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agaveAgave nectar is a sensible replacement for sugar. Your body doesn’t react to it like it does to sugar, so it is very easy on your insulin levels, not causing the fluctuations that sugar can cause. I find agave to be sweeter than sugar, so I use less. Also, having it in liquid form makes it very easy to use; it incorporates quickly into a cold drink or anything you’re cooking on the stove such as a pudding. Actually, the whole agave “leaf” is edible but unless you live in the dessert Southwest or Baja/Mexico you’re unlikely to have an agave plant. My first encounter with agave wasn’t as food, it was that I literally ran into one on a rough hillside in Baja, California. Agave 1, Me 0. I ended up with a long shallow cut down my calf. I’ve never held it against agave, though.

Mickey Thienes

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