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beetsBeets are high in minerals, the number one nutrient your body needs. They are also high in Vitamin A, good for your digestive system. People seem to like beets or not but they are a wonderful food. If you eat them plain, they have a rich, sweet earthy taste. But, they are also pickled, cooked in thickened orange juice and prepared in the classic “Harvard beets.” When you buy fresh beets, pay attention to the beet tops. These greens are delicious; sweet and tender unlike most “greens,” and fully as nutritious as the beet. Don’t throw away the goodness. Beets are easy to grow so give it a try. For Harvard or pickled beets, buy a can of beets at the store and mix with vinegar, sugar and salt–to your taste. For Harvard, thicken the juice with arrowroot or cornstarch until it coats the beets. For pickled beets, I like to add cinnamon sticks and cloves to the simmering mixture. Remove before serving and served chilled.

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