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butterDr. Weston Price did groundbreaking research in the 1930’s and 40’s and described how our dietary choices changed and the ill effect those changes had on our health. Particularly harmful was the introduction of vegetable oils and artificial vegetable oils such as hydrogenated shortening and margarine. What happened to butter? At this time, during WWII, butter was hardly available as this and other animal products were diverted to the war effort and feeding troops. So we invented vegetable oils to replace the natural fats in our diets. It’s taken 30 or 40 years to see the effect but the effect is dramatic. Rampant arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, and so on, even among young people. Putting butter back into your diet isn’t going to change things, but it’s a start. Dr. Price believes butter from cows grazing on spring grass is a health food. I agree. Kerrygold butter (from Ireland) is probably the richest butter you can get today. This is real health food.

Mickey Thienes

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