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gooseberry Gooseberries are good for the liver and digestive tract. They are very alkalizing (soothing) to these organs. Gooseberries are high in Vitamin A, potassium and sodium. Don’t pooh pooh sodium in its natural form in fruits and vegetables; it is not sodium chloride (table salt), and is needed for good pain control. I’ve grown gooseberries in West Kentucky (zone 6) but then found out that they do not do well in humid climates–which mine didn’t. I’ve always made a gooseberry pie at least once a year. Gooseberries are on the tart side. While they do come in different colors such as red and even blue, the one we see most often is green; a very pale green. Which brings me to one last point. I think gooseberries real claim to fame is that it is used as a description of someones ethereal looking eyes in murder mysteries. “Gooseberry green eyes stared unblinking…” You get the idea. Check your local grocer for canned gooseberries.

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