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celandineCelandine has been used in the treatment of warts. A paste made from powdered celandine is applied directly to the wart and left to dry. Its caustic properties have been used in an ointment form as a cleansing agent and to treat skin eruptions like ringworm, eczema, psoriasis, malignant sores and tubercular skin eruptions. It has also been used as a rinse for dandruff. Useful Parts of the are above ground, and also the roots; basically the whole plant.

Celandine is a part of the poppy family with blue-green leaves. Its flowers have four yellow petals which yield a pod-like fruit. The plant has an orange coloured juice that turns red when it comes into contact with air. It has an unpleasant odor with a bitter and pungent taste. It is indigenous to Europe and also grows in North America, where it was brought by settlers in the seventeenth century as a herbal remedy for skin ailments like warts.

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