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I call lovage my 6 foot celery plant with a flavor that is a cross between celery and pepper. That’s not all it does. It is a diuretic but does not cause electrolyte loss. It loosens phlegm in the lungs so the phlegm can be expelled. It is soothing internally including helping with colitis. Lovage helps fight many bacteria and viruses including E. coli and similar agents. It is soothing to the digestive tract, relieving bloating and expelling gas. It eases joint discomfort from gout and rheumatic swelling. It relieves allergies by inhibiting histamine reaction. Lovage’s nutrient density makes it good for your whole body. And you can grow and eat it.

Outsidepride Lovage - 1000 Seeds
List Price: $5.69
Price: $5.69
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Kamis Lovage 8g/0.28oz
List Price: $2.55
Price: $2.55
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