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| November 23, 2015

Elecampane is an excellent expectorant, that is, it helps you expel mucous congestion. Thus it’s good in any condition such as bronchitis, asthma, and the common cold. It also has a mildly sedative action and is anti-bacterial. The parts used are the root or rhizome and the flower.

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Self Heal – All Heal – Woundwort

| November 3, 2015

Self heal has been a favorite remedy in many parts of the world for centuries. It was given almost magical properties to cure anything. Was this just hype? No. This plant is antibacterial and is high in antioxidants. Even a weak tea of self heal has a powerful antibiotic effect and the ointment is used […]

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Wheat Bran

| October 23, 2015
wheat bran

In my store, we used to sell a lot of wheat bran and applesauce to the constipation set. Their favorite recipe was mixing bran with applesauce and eating it every day. I would say enough applesauce with bran to give a texture you like. Both apples and bran are good for constipation. If that’s not […]

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Parasite Cleanse – Wormwood Combo

| May 9, 2014

A classic parasite cleanse consists of the herbs wormwood, cloves, and green black walnut hull.  There are modern versions of this combination that you can use today.  We all have parasites.  If we live with or work with animals, we have a few more.  You can pick up a parasite from that sun ripened tomato […]

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Eye Drops for Dry Eye

| February 18, 2014
dry eye

These aren’t artificial tears but a homeopathic remedy to relieve the cause of dry eye.  Some dry eye conditions, like Sjogren’s Syndrome, require the use of artificial tears, but most dry eye is brought about by our habits.  Irritations to the eyes can be from wearing contact lenses, hair spray, smoke, and staring at a […]

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| February 13, 2014

Sinupret is a blend of five herbs that successfully treat sinusitis (severe sinus infections) and colds.  It has long been one of Germany’s most popular natural remedies and has been studied extensively in double blind tests.  It is excellent on it own but if you are taking prescription medication, it seems to enhance that medication […]

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Chinese Club Moss – Huperzine A

| January 24, 2014

Huperzine A, an alkaloid of Chinese Club Moss, shows remarkable abilities to improve memory, even with those who have Alzheimer’s disease.  Its action is to prevent the breakdown of acetyl choline, and acetyl choline is a nerve transmitter.  By helping to preserve and build up acetyl choline in the brain, memory improves.  This supplement can […]

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| January 23, 2014

Esberitox is a blend of two types of echinacea extract and two homeopathic ingredients and has been popular in Europe for over 70 years.  It will reduce the severity of illness, even the common cold, and will reinforce the immune system.   Several double blind studies have confirmed these results.  It is safe for all […]

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Horse Chestnut

| January 21, 2014

Horse Chestnut is a top remedy for varicose veins and thus, also hemorrhoids.  It can help to reduce swelling and other uncomfortable symptoms and, of course, reduce the protuberance of the veins.  Continued use can actually strengthen and restore the veins.   Horse chestnut is a tree with spiny fruit; inside are several nuts–the horse […]

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Swedish Bitters

| January 17, 2014
swedish bitters

Swedish Bitters is an old recipe dating to the 16th. century.  There are different combinations of 11 herbs that make up Swedish Bitters but this is the one I’ve always used.  Bitters are cleansing to your body and are very helpful with digestive problems.  One local naturopathic doctor has clients put some on a cotton […]

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