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Deli Dill Pickle

| July 28, 2014

What makes a deli-dill pickle so good is the fact that it’s still half raw; still a cucumber.  You can make these for yourself and the secret is, you don’t “can” them, that is seal them in a hot water bath.  The hot water bath effectively cooks the cucumber.  For deli-dills, you will pack your […]

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Herbal Liqueur

| July 9, 2014

This liqueur combines the flavor of coriander seed and fennel seed (and their health benefits) in a lightly sweetened drink that is great after dinner because of its digestive  and calming properties.  This drink is very popular among my friends and guests, for both men and women.  Put a smile on your friends’ faces and […]

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Salt Brine Therapy

| November 26, 2013
sel gris

Salt Brine Therapy is actually an ancient therapy and will benefit your whole body and mind.  It helps to supply needed nutrients and encourages cleansing within your body.  As a side note, one customer has been using salt brine daily for over 10 years and has not had a day of illness.  It’s easy to […]

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White Button Mushroom

| October 5, 2013

All mushrooms have healing powers.  The white button mushroom is no different, we just don’t know exactly what those healing powers are.  The white mushroom is actually an American original, found by a farmer in 1926 growing amongst some tan mushrooms.  This clump was the grandaddy of all white mushrooms today.  And this is the […]

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Spaghetti Olio

| September 24, 2013

Spaghetti Olio is a Sicilian dish that is both simple and delicious and a wonderful way to get your garlic.  It can be a main dish as it is good enough to stand on it’s own.  Make a side dish of coleslaw and add some fresh, chopped parsley to the slaw; that will help with […]

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Tofu Cottage Cheese

| May 4, 2013
cottage cheese

Here’s my recipe for making a non-dairy cottage cheese using Mori Nu silken tofu.  This is the kind that is shelf stable (not refrigerated) in a little rectangular box.  Many grocery stores carry it and I usually find it in the produce department. Tofu Cottage Cheese 1 box 12.3 oz. Mori Nu firm silken tofu […]

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Roasted Barley Tea

| March 26, 2013
barley tea

Roasted Barley Tea is another health drink you can make for yourself.  The benefits?  It apparently helps to prevent tooth decay by flushing the bacteria in the mouth and it apparently keeps the blood fluid.  Besides, it’s refreshing hot or cold so can be a year round drink, and doesn’t require sugar.  So here we […]

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Herbal Teas

| March 22, 2013
herb tea

HERBAL TEAS             Herbal teas offer a delicious range of flavors for those who want a non-caffeine drink or want the healing benefits inherent in the herbs.  Don’t be shocked by what the herbs look like.  If you’ve only had an herbal tea in a tea bag before, you’ve never noticed that the herbs look […]

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Prostate Tea

| March 22, 2013
herb tea

This blend of herbs will relieve prostate swelling & will help fight infection, conditions most men, young or old, will encounter throughout life.  If you find urination difficult or if you have to get up at night to urinate, then this tea will help solve those problems.  Do get relief as soon as possible as […]

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Kidney & Bladder Tea

| March 22, 2013
herb tea

Kidney & Bladder Tea:  This mint flavored tea contains nature’s antibiotic (echinacea) & a mild diuretic (parsley) to help fight a kidney or bladder infection.  It’s also helpful if you also drink unsweetened cranberry juice (or capsules) & drink plenty of distilled water.  What are symptoms of a kidney & bladder infection?  For me, it’s […]

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