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Aura Glow Oil Lotion

| May 31, 2015
Aura Glow

Aura Glow Oil is great for maintaining beautiful skin or for healing damaged, dry skin. This product by Heritage is a formula based on the teachings of Edgar Cayce who is famous for his medical prognostications, given while in a trance-like state. One time, Cayce not only recommended a product for a client but also, […]

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Marigold – Pot Marigold – Calendula

| April 27, 2013

This gorgeous flower is easy to grow, has beautiful flowers ranging in colors from red-orange to yellow, and –best of all– has great healing properties for all kinds of skin ailments.  You probably wonder at the different names.  We call it Calendula.  Old herbal manuscripts and some new ones still refer to it as Marigold […]

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| March 7, 2013

Rosacea is a skin condition believed to be caused by a tiny mite.  It’s visible on the face, sometimes on the cheeks, sometimes the nose, sometimes all over the face.  If you remember seeing old men with big, fat red noses, that was rosacea–untreated.  In my store, customers used Face Doctor soap as its major […]

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Bentonite Clay – External

| February 20, 2013
aztec clay

For external use only, this bentonite clay (also referred to as French green clay) is excellent as a facial.  Mix the powdered clay with apple cider vinegar to a paste and apply to your face as a mask.  Allow to dry, then rinse.  The clay has drawing properties and will remove impurities, clean pores, and […]

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Coconut Oil

| February 20, 2013

Coconut oil has long been known for its emollient properties for skin; it is very healing for some skin conditions such as eczema.  It is also a great weight loss product as it helps to balance a low thyroid.  Your thyroid’s role in weight gain/loss is important as it controls your rate of metabolism–how quickly […]

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Skin Care – Soft Skin – Dry Skin – NaPCA

| February 20, 2013

Na-PCA is a natural component of your skin that helps it stay moisturized by drawing and retaining water.  Young skin has lots of Na-PCA, old skin doesn’t.  TwinLab’s NaPCA is a convienent and inexpensive spray that is easy to apply especially to your back and hard to reach areas.   We always kept a sample […]

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Dandruff – Dry Itchy Scalp

| February 20, 2013
walnut shampoo

Dandruff anyone? or just a dry, itchy scalp that builds quickly?  This shampoo is formulated to exfoliate (rub off) that dry skin right down to the clean scalp that you really want.  It is combined with plant extracts to nourish your scalp and hair and the exfoliating agent is finely ground walnut shells.  I’ve used […]

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Deodorant – Aluminum Free

| February 6, 2013
deodorant stone

Aluminum is great for a beer can but you don’t need it in your deodorant and many deodorants contain aluminum for its antiperspirant properties.  It is a harmful ingredient.  It doesn’t seem harmful but consider how long you’ve used deodorant and how long you are going to use deodorant.  20, 40, 60 years or more?  […]

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Colloidal Silver Soap

| February 6, 2013

Colloidal Silver Soap is one of those things you may not need often, but when you do, it’s great to have, especially if you understand the great anti-microbial properties of colloidal silver.  When would you use it?  Well, for any skin condition that needs tending.   Boils, for example, are caused by a staph infection; silver […]

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Clearly Natural Glycerine Soap

| February 6, 2013
glycerine soap

Glycerine soap was created to be pure and gentle, both liquid and bar soaps are “cruelty free” with no animal ingredients, and no irritating oils. Clearly Natural reduces bacteria like other anti-bacterial soaps, yet it does so naturally, leaving no soap film. Made with pure, natural ingredients, and vegetable derived glycerine, one of nature’s most […]

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