Healing Power of Sounds

The Healing Power of Sounds

Can Resonant Sound Wave Frequencies Help Your Body Heal?

Healing Sound CDs

Sound has been used since man first gathered and learned to communicate with language. It wasn’t long before language took flight and became song. Then musical instruments were created that could go above and below the frequencies that people could make with their voices. Today we have electronic synthesizers that can create a huge range of tones. Sound has always been important to us.

We don’t realize how many times we use the soothing frequencies of sound. A good example is a mother singing a lullaby to her baby. She’s doing it to relax and calm her infant. Another example is the exhilaration one gets from a pipe organ in church when those vibrant frequencies literally make the air quiver. Or did you realize that cats purr at the healing frequencies of 15 to 25 Hz? If you have a cat and are sick, the chances are good that your cat will come to you and purr to try to help you.

Many cultures use sound for healing. There are Tibetan singing bowls which, when rubbed, emit specific frequencies. Tuning forks are also used for healing, both by listening to the tone and by applying the vibrating fork to the body. And how about wind chimes? If you’ve bought a wind chime, you’ve listened to several and picked the one that made you feel best.

The sounds create a vibration that your body can feel on a subconscious level. They are not harmful; if your body doesn’t need them, they do nothing. These tones do not have to be loud to be effective. In fact, very loud sound can be harmful because it can damage the delicate mechanisms of your ear. Quiet, soothing sound can be as peaceful as the sound of a small stream.

So what does sound frequency have to do with herbs and vitamins? Many naturalists believe as I do that the power in plants and food to rejuvenate has to do with the frequency at which these plants vibrate; that it is the vibration on the cellular level that gives herbs and food their potency.

Only Available HereI think audible sound can help you, too and that’s why I’ve developed a library of frequencies for various ailments. I do not take credit for this work as it has been done in this country since the 1930’s starting most notably with Royal Rife. You may even have heard of Rife frequencies.

Similar research has been done all over the world and there is a large volume of information available to anyone who has access to the internet or the library. These frequencies won’t heal you or cure you but they will make you feel better. Improving the way we feel is what we all strive for.

Here is a special selection of audio cds that I created using unique sound wave frequencies that have been shown to have a positive affect on the human body.

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All CD’s are 15 – 25 minutes in length. If your CD player has a repeat function, we suggest that you use it and let it play during your day. I listen to the various CD’s for at least an hour everyday and sometimes more when I play it on my computer.

All CD’s also come with cat purrs and Solfeggio frequencies. You can find more about Solfeggio by searching Google.

Custom CD’s
If you would like a custom CD for a particular problem, CLICK HERE to send me a message. Please specify your needs. Most custom CD’s are $15.00 + $2.00 postage = $17.00. All orders are process through PayPal.com. A PayPal account is not required.

Resonant Sound Wave Frequency Meditation Audio CDs

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