Healing Power of Sounds

The Healing Power of Sounds

Can Resonant Sound Wave Frequencies Help Your Body Heal?

Healing Sound Therapy

For thousands of years mankind has been using resonant sound wave frequencies and the sounds of nature for relaxation and meditation to stimulate the body’s own natural healing abilities. Sounds, tones and music have been used since man first gathered and learned to communicate with language. It wasn’t long before language took flight and became words, tones, songs, rhythms and music. Many languages have words that change their meaning based on the musical tone of the word or how the word is spoken.

Music is a Universal Language that Surpasses Human Logic and Understanding.

When music is played before, during or after an event, or is included in a TV show, movie or theatrical performance, it changes your thoughts, emotions and perception without a conscious decision or logical reasoning. Music has the power to influence us without our awareness or without our making a conscious decision..

Certain sounds are familiar to us from birth and stimulate our emotions, our thoughts and the images we see in our mind, even when we can’t understand the words. Music has an effect on your whole body and influences the way you perceive reality. Musical tones have the power to irritate you, create confusion, or cause depression or anger, hostility or rage. Musical tones and sound frequencies can also help you relax, eliminate confusion, stimulate healing in your body, inspire new ideas and motivate you accomplish great things.

When people have a difficulty in communication through language and spoken words, musical instruments often gives them the power to communicate and create great compositions that have an emotional effect on millions of people worldwide. Musical instruments and the science of frequencies have given mankind the ability to make sounds that are above and below the frequencies that people could make with their voices. Today we have electronic synthesizers that can create a huge range of tones. Specific frequencies have always been important to us and dramatically affect our mind and body. There is evidence that indicates that when you listen to relaxing music, the sounds of nature, the sounds of ocean waves, a bubbling brook, or specific tonal frequencies – your mental attitude changes, your health improves and you have a feeling of self-worth and purpose in life. If you sing, whistle or hum tunes you will live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

We don’t realize how many times we use the soothing frequencies of sound. A good example is a mother singing a lullaby to her baby. She’s doing it to relax and calm her baby. Many university studies have revealed the importance using musical tones and sounds when communicating with a baby. Music, word tones and sounds are extremely important in the development of a baby’s brain, in the formation of language and in their ability to understand the world.

Another example is the exhilaration one gets from a pipe organ in church when those vibrant frequencies literally make the air quiver. Or did you realize that cats purr at the healing frequencies of 15 to 25 Hz? If you have a cat and are sick, the your cat will come to you and purr to try to heal you.

Many Cultures use Tonal Sounds and Rhythms for Ceremony, Meditation and Healing.

Native Americans used drums, percussion instruments, and flutes all while chanting tones in ceremony and meditation. Gregorian Monks chant tonal frequencies and songs in harmony during religious ceremonies. There are Tibetan singing bowls which, when rubbed, emit specific frequencies for the purpose of sending vibrations through the body. Tuning forks are also used for healing, both by listening to the tone and by applying the vibrating fork to your body. And, how about wind chimes? If you’ve bought a wind chime, you’ve listened to several and picked the one that made you feel best.

Have you ever seen a sick bird? Birds must eat their own bodyweight in food everyday in order to have the energy to fly. However they do not plants seeds nor reap a harvest, nor store any food for the future. Instead, they sing praises to God and he provides them with whatever they require everyday.

Advances in Modern Medicine and Technology Depend on Sound Wave Frequencies.

Modern medical doctors use ultrasound transducers that pass sound wave frequencies through the body in order to breakup kidney and gallstones, to promote wound healing, and to kill bacteria infections without invasive surgery. Sound wave frequencies can heal and repair injuries, wounds, bruising, and nerve damage, and control pain without using drugs. Sound waves also improve lung function and are used in brain surgery. Sonograms that produce ultrasound spectographs can help doctors visualize baby growth. Sound waves also identify tumors and structures including tendons, muscles, joints, vessels and internal organs for possible pathology and lesions. These devices are not limited to humans, but are also used in the medical treatment of pets, farm and zoo animals.

Engineers at Ohio State University and other laboratories have found a method of injecting high-frequency sound waves into water to alter its molecular structure and pull the molecule apart to release a hydrogen bubble. These hydrogen radicals can breakdown bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, parasites, algae and even man-made pollutants, including; antibiotics and other drugs, chemicals and human or animal waste products in sewage, irrigation and aquaculture (water sources.) This discovery will provide an economical means of water purification without the use of harmful chemicals.

Sound waves can be used as a form of energy to impact all forms of matter and directly target and effect the cellular structure of any microbe, parasite or chemical compound.

Sound Wave Therapy Can Revitalize Your Whole Body, Mind and Spirit.

Sound is a form of energy, a vibration or mechanical wave that passes through everything in nature and can affect your body in the same manner as air, water and the food you eat. Water molecules take on new shapes and structures as specific sound wave frequencies are passed through the water. If you have ever thrown a rock in a lake or pond, you have noticed the ever-expanding ripples it creates on the surface of the water. What you don’t see are the sound vibrations that pass underneath the surface in all directions. These sound vibrations have an effect on all life underwater. Sonar and Radar technologies use different forms of sound wave frequencies that can determine GPS locations of objects, boats, ships, submarines, airplanes, spacecraft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather formations and terrain, even you, when your cellphone is on.

Sound Waves Have a Dramatic Effect On All Living Things.

Even the microbes living inside you are dramatically effected by the sound waves passing through your body. Sounds and musical tones create vibrations that your body can feel, experience and even react to on a unconscious level. Different forms of tonal frequencies, sounds and music can trigger the release of hormones like, adrenaline, endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and cortisol. They can trigger emotional reactions, stimulate your body into a fight or flight response, create stress or help you relax and sleep.

Most tonal sound waves are not harmful to a healthy body; if your body doesn’t need them, they do nothing. But specific tonal frequencies can kill certain forms of bacteria, viruses and parasites. These tonal frequencies do not have to be loud to be effective, but they may need to be frequent in order to have a lasting effect. In fact, very loud sound can be harmful because it can damage the delicate mechanisms of your ear. Quiet, soothing sound can be as peaceful as the sound of a small stream.

Electronic Pest-Control Devices Use Sound Wave Frequencies to Repel Rodents and Insects.

Certain frequencies cause confusion, aggressive behavior and even violence in animals and humans. The U.S. military has sound wave technology that can create or scramble radar and sonar, direct or confuse missile guidance systems, transmit or block radio and cellphone communications, create cloud formations that effect weather conditions, and be used as weapons that can cause severe confusion, hallucinations, epileptic seizures, psychotic episodes and violent self-destructive behavior when aimed at enemy soldiers. If the sound wave frequency technology can be used for destruction, just imagine how it can be used to clear your mind and heal your body when properly applied.

Microwave ovens were created in 1946 by Percy Spencer who discovered that using magnetic sound waves set at a specific frequency will agitate water molecules in food. As these water molecules get increasingly agitated they begin to vibrate at the atomic level and generate heat. This heat is what actually cooks food and kills bacteria in the oven. Today, microwave ovens are used in billions of homes, offices, businesses, restaurants and hospitals. Microwaves are also used to detect speeding cars, to transmit telephone and television communications, to raise bread and doughnuts and to kill bacteria, fungus, mold, parasites and other pathogens in research laboratories.

Marine mammals, such as whales, dophins and porpoises, are much more dependent on sound for communication and sensation than are land animals. They produce grunts, groans, thwops, snorts and barks which can be heard underwater for thousands of kilometers. They “sing” to communicate with other mammals in their own species especially during migratory and mating times. Animals and fish are attracted and repelled by tonal frequencies and certain forms of musical tones. Shark repellent devices use acoustical frequencies that sharks cannot tolerate, while other frequencies and sounds attract sharks.

Game fishing enthusiasts use sonar to locate fish underwater. They use underwater speakers and lures that emit frequencies that attract game fish. Hunters use acoustic whistles, calls and reeds to attract wild ducks, geese, turkeys, owls, peacocks, deer, elk, moose, wild pigs, boars, rabbit predators, coyotes, wolves and other game animals during hunting season. A deer whistle attached to your front bumper uses wind to create a specific frequency to keep deer and other animals from jumping in front of your vehicle.

So What Does Sound Wave Frequencies Have In Common With Herbs and Vitamins?

Many naturalists believe, as I do, that the power in plants and food to rejuvenate your body has to do with the frequency at which these plants vibrate; that it is the vibration on the cellular level that gives herbs and food their potency. Scientific experiments have proven that certain sound wave frequencies can dramatically affect plant growth and fruit production, or affect animals, bacteria, viruses, the weather and the structure of water molecules.

We hear sounds all the time in the environment that have an effect on our mind, emotions and physical body. We have been taught that these sounds don’t mean anything so we have trained our conscious mind to ignore these tones and frequencies, but every cell in your body reacts to them and stimulates chemical, hormonal reactions. In the last century scientist have studied the effect of musical tones and sounds on the human body and have identified and isolated specific frequencies that have a profound effect on the human body. We now have the power and ability to consciously select specific sounds and frequencies in order to deliberately create a desired effect in humans, plants, animals and even water.

Rife Sound Wave Frequencies

All of these discoveries began with Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi, Heinrich Hertz and Thomas Edison in the 1800s. However specific research in sound wave frequency therapy was started by an inventor named Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930s. Rife’s research was focused on the discovery of specific sound wave frequencies and their effect on living organisms. Rife claimed to have documented a “Mortal Oscillatory Rate” for various pathogenic organisms, and to be able to destroy the organisms by using sound waves to vibrate them at this particular rate. He claimed the by using specially designed optical microscope with color filtration, that he created, he was able to observe microbes that were too small to visualize with previously existing technology and could see their destruction using specific sound wave tonal frequencies.

Rife also invented what he called a “beam ray” device, which was a glass tube filled with helium, argon or neon gas. When he used the device with combined sound wave frequencies, the tube emitted additional harmonics at higher frequencies that were able to weaken or destroy pathogens and microbes that had the same resonant frequencies in their chemical structures.

According to the San Diego Evening Tribune in 1938, Rife stopped short of claiming that he could cure cancer, but did argue that he could “devitalize disease organisms” in living tissue, “with certain exceptions”.

We know that the frequency generators Rife used could only produce sine waveform frequencies, not square, triangle, sawtooth or impulse as some manufacturers of modern Rife Frequency Generators claim. He only used sound wave frequencies in the human audible range, not microwave or high-band radio frequencies. In addition, the frequency of the tones he used in patient treatments were different from the musical notes used in modern music.

He was only able to create harmonic frequencies when he combined two or more sine wave frequencies. So his discoveries were based on single and multiple sound wave frequencies that were used in sequence, combined or in repeated patterns. In order to see results in his patients, daily treatments were required over a period of weeks or months.

We know that when you are sick you have to take medicine everyday and sometimes 3 or more times a day. The same is true for vitamins and minerals. In order to feed your body the nutrition it needs to maintain your health and heal you when you are sick, you have to eat right everyday and you have to kill pathogens when they invade your body. When you want to lose weight, you have to make changes in your diet and work at it everyday. It doesn’t happen overnight.

You can’t expect to take a vitamin or drug one-time and then for the rest of your life you will live a healthy, vibrant life. In order to make lasting changes in your health, you have to do whatever it takes, as long as it takes in order for the results you desire to be manifested. In order to get the greatest benefit of sound wave therapy, use the frequencies before you get sick or at the first sign of symptoms, on a daily or weekly schedule. Microbes, parasites, disease and cancer invade and live in your body for many years before you experience the symptoms. It’s much easier to destroy a pathogen during the first week of infection than to overcome a disease that has destroyed your organs and contaminated your whole body.

Royal Rife died penniless at the age of 83 on August 5, 1971. His theories and equipment were never accepted by the scientific and medical communities. However, thousands of researchers have continued experimenting with sound wave frequencies and their effect on the human body with amazing results.

My Personal History

I have been sharing my knowledge of herbal remedies for the last 30+ years and doing personal therapy with sound wave frequencies for the last 10 years. Throughout the years many people have reported positive results in using sound wave frequencies in addition to changing their diet, taking herbs and medical treatment.

I’m still in the experimental stage when using sound wave frequencies, music therapy and meditation and it should never be used as a substitute for sound medical advice and treatment from a licensed medical doctor.

My Theory of Sound Wave Technology

God created your body so it will heal itself. You have an immune system that constantly defends your body from invasion from parasites such as bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds and other microbes that can destroy your health. These pathogens do not invade your body because they hate you or want to destroy you, they invade your body because you have created a perfect environment where they can survive, feed and reproduce.

We live in a world surrounded by deadly bacteria, mold, fungus, viruses and parasites. These pathogens can easily invade your body and destroy your health, but your immune system automatically produces proteins and killer cells that target and destroy these pathogens before they can take over and get out of control. However, your immune system is dependent on the protein you eat everyday. If you are not getting adequate amounts of protein that your body requires, your immune system can become overwhelmed by invading pathogens and environmental toxins that will destroy your body.

When this happens, either you must make some dramatic changes in your diet and behavior or you need to introduce something else that will devitalize, weaken or kill the pathogens so your immune system and your body’s natural functions can eliminate the toxins.

This is how medical doctors are able to help your body heal and recover from disease and ailments. Medical doctors are mechanics; they have learned how to repair damaged bones, to remove organs and to destroy pathogens with antibiotics and drugs. Medical doctors can’t heal your body, but they can provide the proper conditions so your body’s natural ability to destroy invading pathogens and heal damaged tissue can function properly.

Millions of people take prescription pain killers. Using pain killers is like removing the engine warning light on your car’s dashboard. The problem with your engine still exists and it’s going to get worse. Pain killers do not cure the ailment; they only dull your senses to the fact that something is causing the pain. You need to do something else in order to fix the problem so the pain will stop.

You Think With Every Cell in Your Body

Your body is made from billions of cells that work in harmony to give you a physical structure to live in and experience the physical world. Individual cells do not have the ability to think or reason on their own, but each cell responds to every command, thought, image and emotion you experience. Even the words you hear and speak everyday have a dramatic effect on the release of hormones and other chemical reactions in your body that reinforce your beliefs and attitudes. The thought images and words you speak to yourself have the most profound effect on your mind, body and spirit.

You have the ability to control the flow of hormones and adrenaline in your body with the images you choose to think and imagine. Every thought image you hold in your mind floods your whole body with light or darkness. What you choose to believe to be true, determines how your body will react.

We all know people with Type-A personalities who are demanding, competitive and constantly in a mental state of aggression, anger, unforgiveness and vengeance. They are takers and not givers. Their thoughts and behavior constantly flood their body with adrenaline and other hormones that create heart attacks, organ failures and provide the perfect environment for cancers and other pathogens to live and grow.

The people who live the longest and have a more fulfilling life have a spirit of kindness, forgiveness and thanksgiving. They cherish every moment of their life because they know life is a gift. They choose to live their life without worry, aggression, fear or self-destructive behavior.

The Secret Behind the Success of Sound Wave Therapy

I believe there is a logical explanation why millions of people all over the world have reported “miracle results” when using sound wave frequencies. We now know that specific sound wave frequencies can weaken and even kill certain pathogens with long-term repeated use. The healing process cannot be initiated until these pathogens are weakened and your immune system is able to take control and destroy them.

Whenever you choose to use the sound wave frequencies, music therapy or take time to direct your conscious thought in meditation, the words you speak to yourself and their frequencies are the catalyst that can help you visualize the specific results you desire.

The sound wave frequencies give you the power to focus your conscious mind on the positive thought images that can direct and release your immune system to manifest the healing process.

I believe that if you can control your diet and flood your body and consciousness with healing words, a spirit of forgiveness and thanksgiving then you will be able to make dramatic changes in your health and live a happy and fruitful life. However, without conscious directed thought and deliberate action, you cannot take control of your body functions and assist your immune system to initiate the healing process.

You are the Co-Creator of Your Human Experience. Take Control and Direct Your Own Path.

My Personal Sound Wave Library

I’ve developed a library of sound wave tonal frequencies that are based on the Rife Frequencies and other researchers. Included in my library are sounds of nature and music for meditation and rejuvenation. I have seen and heard the results from customers that report astounding benefits from sound wave therapy. I believe that these sound waves can stimulate and enhance your natural ability to combat various ailments.

Similar research has been done all over the world and there is a large volume of information that has shown promising results. These frequencies won’t heal you or cure you, but they will make you feel better. Improving the way we feel is what we all strive for. Even animals respond to specific tonal frequencies, music and the sounds of relaxing soundscapes.

I’m offering my library of tonal frequencies, sounds in nature and music for meditation, so you can use them individually or combine them to create personal compositions that will flood your conscious mind and your body with healing frequencies and relaxing sounds. All sound files are in MP3 format so they will work on your computer, tablet, MP3 player or smartphone.

Listen to them on any mobile device, when traveling in your car, riding a bicycle, exercising, walking your dog, riding your horse, adventure hiking, sleeping, or meditating. They can be very powerful to help you concentrate and focus while you study for an exam, read a book or perform complex mental tasks in the office, on location or in your home.

Get Instant Access to All Sound Files Immediately After Purchase

All Tonal Sound Wave Frequencies are Based on Rife Frequencies.
All Sound Files, the Sounds in Nature and Music for Meditation Files are in MP3 Format.

All of the sound files in my library are protected under U.S. Copyright Laws.
Your purchase of individual sound files grants you a Personal Use License Only.
You are allowed to use them on any device you own, for personal use only.
You are not allowed to share them with your family and friends, resell them or create compositions for redistribution.

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Healing Power of Sounds