How to Make Money with Sound Wave Therapy

How to Make Money with Sound Wave Therapy

My personal library includes a growing list of tonal frequencies, captured sounds in nature and special music or tunes for meditation. All of the sound files are protected under U.S. Copyright Laws. Your purchase of these files grants you a Personal Use License Only.

All sound files are in MP3 format so they will work on your computer, tablet, MP3 player or smartphone. You have permission to use the files you purchase on any device you own, or combine them with music to create compositions that will flood your conscious mind and your body with healing frequencies and relaxing sounds.

Listen to them on any mobile device, when traveling in your car, riding a bicycle, exercising, walking your dog, riding your horse, adventure hiking, sleeping, or meditating. They can be very powerful to help you concentrate and focus while you study for an exam, read a book or perform complex mental tasks at work.

Special Royalty-Free License for Unrestricted Use and Resale

Upgrade your purchase with a Global Sound Wave Therapy License and receive Royalty-Free Rights to sell the sound files you purchase from my library. Royalty-free Rights means when you make a sale to your personal customers, you keep all the money. You do not have to pay any royalty fees.

The Global Sound Wave Therapy License is only $99.00 per year and covers all of the sound files you purchase now and in the future, including all of the new generation sound files we are currently testing and developing for 2018.

The license is assigned to you, so you will be granted Royalty-Free Rights to sell the sound files to your family, friends and clients, anywhere in the world, even on your personal website. You will have unrestricted rights to promote and sell the sound files as your own exclusive property.

However, the Global Sound Wave Therapy License does not allow you to pass on the Royalty-Free Resale Rights to other people. You are only allowed to sell the sound files for Personal Use Only. When you sell a sound file or a composition you create you need to indicate that the product is for Personal Use Only. This will also prevent sharing and improve your personal sales through client referrals.

Included in the Global Sound Wave Therapy License are unrestricted rights to combine the sound files and create personalized therapy recordings, meditation and self-hypnosis CDs, DVDs and MP3 audio files for your friends, family and clients’ personal use at home, the office or during daily activities. You are also allowed to add a vocal track to the audio for guided self-hypnosis and directed meditation therapy.

The Global Sound Wave Therapy License entitles you to use the audio files while performing personal services, such as massage therapy, guided meditation, yoga, psychic consulting, fitness training, chiropractic care, physical therapy, medical treatment, hypnosis, psychoanalysis, while visiting patients in the hospital, nursing home or during in-home personal care treatment sessions.

Your paid license will give you full reproduction and resale rights each year you are active and VIP access to special audio files reserved for our licensed subscribers only.

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We DO NOT receive your personal financial information.
You can use your credit or debit card to pay for your license subscription.
Your license subscription will renew each year on the anniversary date of your original purchase.
Your purchase indicates that you agree to the terms and conditions of the Global Sound Wave Therapy License as described above.

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