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Fringe Tree

| May 16, 2016
fringe tree

The roots of the fringe tree are dried and used to treat liver and gallbladder disease in traditional American folk medicine, often in combination with barberry and other herbs containing berberine. The root acts as a bitter, stimulating release of bile, which increases gastric secretion and improves appetite and digestion. It is also used for […]

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Foxglove – Digitalis

| May 14, 2016

Foxglove is a striking ornamental flower; tall with colors in a wide range. Foxglove is also a source of digitalis used to treat heart problems. Digitalis was introduced as a medicinal plant by William Withering in 1758. The field of digitalis heart therapy is based on his work.The problem with using this plant drug is […]

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| May 14, 2016

Forsythia bushes are a popular ornamental here in the West but forsythia has a long history of medicinal use in its Native China. Forsythia fruit is combined with another backyard favorite, honeysuckle, in one of the most widely used cold remedies in China. It is also used for throat, sinus and respiratory infections and for […]

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Coleus Forskolii

| May 13, 2016

Coleus Forskolii helps in losing weight by improving the breakdown of fats, improving digestion and nutrient absorption, lowering cholesterol, and by providing immune system support. The active photochemical in Coleus forskohlii was discovered in 1974 and has been the subject of many laboratory studies. There are a lot of testimonials about this herb and they […]

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False Unicorn Root

| May 13, 2016
False Unicorn

False Unicorn Root was used by Native American women to deter miscarriage. It has survived the test of time and is still widely used to treat a variety of problems unique to the female reproductive system. The root contains steroidal saponins making them useful for infertility which is associated with failure to ovulate. In combination […]

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Horny Goat Weed – Epimedium

| May 12, 2016

Yes, it’s really called Horny Goat Weed. We used to sell it a lot in the store. More importantly, we sold it a second and third time to the same people. This tells me that it helps or people wouldn’t keep buying it. Thousands of years of Chinese medicine have included this herb in many […]

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| May 10, 2016

Corydalis is a mild member of the poppy family (as in opium poppy) and as such has pain relieving properties without the addicting properties of its stronger cousin. It is calming to the central nervous system, acts like a sedative and is a tonic for the heart. It has been used for hundreds of years […]

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Cubeb Berry

| April 30, 2016

In the U.S. cubeb berry is a red alternative to black pepper. In other cultures, it is used to treat “mouth” ailments such as dental disease, loss of voice, bad breath, and cough. In one culture, it is specific to treating your spleen.

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Coptis Root

| April 30, 2016

Coptis root is a berberine containing herb (like Oregon Grape root) and is used much the same way against infections of all kinds. It is not only antibiotic in nature but also anti-tumor. Being a bitter compound, it increases your flow of blood and thus is beneficial for your liver. It is used for digestive […]

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Clary Sage

| April 30, 2016

Clary sage is most noted for its tonic effect relating to menstrual problems especially because of its stimulating action on estrogen. It is also a digestive aid. In history, it has been used for many ailments alone and in concert with other herbs. That’s the kind of history you acquire when your effect is so […]

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