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Cinchona Bark

| April 22, 2016

Cinchona bark is pain relieving and has such broad healing properties that it is used for everything from indigestion to cancer. It can also help reduce fever and has been used to treat pneumonia. It is a tropical tree growing in South America and widespread throughout that country. Its use has even spread to European […]

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| February 18, 2016

As with many herbs employed in Asian medicine, chrysanthemum has many medicinal uses; because of its various properties, chrysanthemum is used to treat infections, eye problems, to lower high blood pressure, and for headaches and colds. Chrysanthemum flower tea or tonic is a traditional Chinese herb. The tonic is made by steeping the dried flowers […]

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| February 18, 2016

Centaury is an ancient one herbal remedy dating back to the Greeks and Romans. It is a bitter tonic. Centaury was once considered a panacea, and given for almost any disorder from sick cows to head lice. The herb is still popular today as a bitter digestive tonic for gas, bloating, and heartburn, and is […]

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| February 9, 2016

Chaparral contains an ingredient called nor-dihihydroguairetic (NDGA), a potent antitumor agent. NDGA inhibits aerobic and anaerobic glycolysis (the energy-producing ability) of cancer cells. The flavonoids present in chaparral have strong antiviral and antifungal properties. Chaparral is not recommended for use in people with poor kidney function. The chaparrals are a group of closely related wild […]

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| February 9, 2016

Chanca piedra is a well known plant from the Amazon rainforest that has given herbalists a plant that supports bladder, kidney, gallbladder, and liver health. Chanca is a health supplement that supports the liver’s normal function by helping detoxification efforts that purge harmful substances from the liver. Chanca Piedra has also been used by the […]

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| February 6, 2016

Celandine has been used in the treatment of warts. A paste made from powdered celandine is applied directly to the wart and left to dry. Its caustic properties have been used in an ointment form as a cleansing agent and to treat skin eruptions like ringworm, eczema, psoriasis, malignant sores and tubercular skin eruptions. It […]

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| February 4, 2016

There are two commercial oils which are known as cedarwood, Atlas cedarwood, which is a true cedarwood, and red cedar. Cedarwood is known for use with problem skin, as an insect repellent, and as an inhalent in respiratory complaints. It’s actions are sedative, astringent, and antiseptic. It can be used to treat oily skin and […]

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Catuaba Bark

| February 4, 2016

Catuaba bark has been used by many men across the world to rejuvenate their libido when the problem is not associated with adverse health effects such as blood pressure medication. Oddly enough, while some herbal aphrodisiacs are gender specific, women too may experience the benefits of catuaba bark. Catuaba is the most famous of the […]

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Canola Oil

| January 31, 2016

You hear both good and bad about canola oil and health benefits. Here’s my take on it. Canola oil is my oil of choice after olive oil. It does help heart health, overall, because of its high proportion of omega 3 fatty acids (unsaturated fat). Plus, please don’t laugh, my cats will lap it up […]

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Cleavers Herb

| January 30, 2016

Cleavers is a member of the madder family. It is also known as goose grass, because the geese like it so well. It is also called bedstraw, hedge burs, madder and many more. If you ever handle this plant, you will never forget it. The whole plant has little soft hooks that cling to almost […]

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