Refund Policy

Product and Digital Media Refund Policy
Updated: October 1, 2017

Our website provides information and recommendations on health products, appliances and digital media products that are for the purpose of education, information and entertainment. All products that are purchased on or any other website have their own refund policy published with the product. Please read the refund policy on Amazon and follow the instructions for returning any product to for a refund.

We also provide specific digital media products in the form of ebooks, audio and video files, that are available for sales and download. Once a digital product has been delivered, it is considered used. Whether in the form of reading, viewing, watching a video or listening to an audio online or by download, the product or service we sell or giveaway is consumed by the user and therefore cannot be returned unused. Our products and services include video training lessons, audio recordings, ebooks, articles, blog posts, subscription and pre-paid membership services that expire, plus other products and services in digital, not physical form.

Your action to visit our website, view any article, blog post, video, and/or purchase or register for any product, including but not limited to, a digital audio or video file, ebook, a free membership, a subscription service or a pre-paid membership, confirms and signifies that you agree with all of the above statements, conditions and terms contained in our Refund Policy, including statements, conditions and terms contained in our Terms of Use Agreement, Privacy Policy and our Disclaimer of Video Training and Information Services.

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